Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability
Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability

Contracted Reviews


In addition to conducting program evaluations and policy research, OPPAGA serves as the contract manager for outsourced projects when directed to do so by the presiding officers, substantive law, or appropriations proviso. Such projects include a range of topics, from statewide to agency-specific to local government programs and issues.

Discretionary Sales Surtax Performance Audits

Section 212.055(11)Florida Statutes, directs OPPAGA to procure an independent certified public accountant to conduct a performance audit of the county or school district program associated with any referendum to adopt or amend a discretionary sales surtax under s. 212.055, Florida Statutes.

Special District Performance Reviews

Section 189.0695Florida Statutes, directs OPPAGA to conduct performance reviews of each independent special fire control district located in a rural area of opportunity as well as all independent mosquito control districts and all soil and water conservations districts. The statute authorizes OPPAGA to procure a contractor to complete the reviews.

Other Reviews

Policy 12.3(8) of the Florida Legislature's Joint Policies and Procedures of the Presiding Officers, notes that contract management for program evaluation and policy research is a key OPPAGA function.