Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability
Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability

State of Florida Organizational Chart

The organizational chart shows major executive, judicial, and legislative branch agencies and programs. All entities are linked to either their GPS summary or unique website.
  1. The Public Service Commission is an arm of the legislative branch of government (s. 350.001, Florida Statutes).
  2. The Administration Commission and the Land and Water Adjudicatory Commission are composed of the Governor and the Cabinet (ss. 14.202 and 380.07, Florida Statutes).
  3. The Commissioner of Agriculture is not a member of the State Board of Administration (Article IV, Section 4(e), Constitution of the State of Florida).
  4. Chapter 2023-173, Laws of Florida, renamed the Department of Economic Opportunity as the Department of Commerce.
  5. The Division of Administrative Hearings is created as a division of the Department of Management Services, but the director/chief administrative law judge, who is appointed by the Administration Commission, is the agency head for all purposes. The division is a separate budget entity and is not subject to control, supervision, or direction by the Department of Management Services (s. 120.65(1), Florida Statutes).
  6. County health departments have a contractual relationship with the Florida Department of Health (s. 154.01(3), Florida Statutes).
  7. Water management districts have individual governing boards but the Department of Environmental Protection may exercise general supervisory authority over water management districts (s. 373.026(7), Florida Statutes).